League of Legends' New Login for Zoe Is a Big Change From Previous Animations

The new login screen for League of Legends’ latest champion is one that perfectly fits Zoe’s [...]

The new login screen for League of Legends' latest champion is one that perfectly fits Zoe's theme, but it's also a sharp contrast from the last couple of login screens that we've seen.

From the way that Zoe looks to the names of her abilities – and pretty much everything else about the champ – you're in for a much more light-hearted experience when you're playing as Zoe. That might actually turn some prospective players off of playing Zoe if you can't deal with her bubbly, sparkle-filled personality, but if you've already dedicated your next few weeks to becoming a Zoe main, you'll love her login screen even more.

The login animation was recently released to the PBE, as first reported on by Surrender@20, so you won't see go live to your clients just yet. But from frostyNinja's video that's shown above, you can see the simililarly carefree login screen that'll soon be fluttering into your game.

Not only does the newest League login do a superb job of reflecting Zoe's theme, it also speaks to the diversity of the animations that are made for different skins, champions, and events. Just before this login animation, the special login screen dedicated to the newest PROJECT skins was uploaded to League's YouTube channel. If you take a look at that electronic-infused login and then come back to Zoe's the differences are night and day.

If you want to go even further back and look at the login screens that preceded Zoe's and the PROJECT: Hunter animation, you'll find even greater examples of diversity. The preseason login screen is one that you'll recall seeing most recently in the client as everyone logs on to take part in the massive preseason changes, the other event-related login beyond that one was the one made for the Worlds competition. The last one that focused on one champion in particular was the one made for Evelynn's update, perhaps the best side-by-side example of how diverse the champions can be.

Zoe is currently available for testing in the PBE alongside her new login screen, so expect to see both go live to your client sometime soon.