Legends of Runeterra Is Getting Champion Skins

Legends of Runeterra is getting champion skins in Patch 2.8.0, a new feature being added to the game that’ll customize players’ decks with new looks. Champion skins in the League of Legends card game will begin with four different cosmetics tied to one champion each which change the looks of those characters and all their copies in a deck once equipped. The first of the champion skins are tied to another new feature in the next patch, the Dark Horizon event that capitalizes on the preexisting collection of cosmetics established first in League.

Zed, Yasuo, Riven, and Shyvana will be the first champions to get skins in Legends of Runeterra. Both Zed and Shyvana will get Dark Star skins while Yasuo and Riven will get Cosmic skins. Dark Star Zed and Cosmic Zephyr Yasuo will feature alternate artwork for the champions along with new level-up animations while the Cosmic Exile Riven and Dark Star Shyvana skins will only feature alternate art.

While the overarching story of the skins continues the Cosmic vs. Dark Star narrative established in the League universe, what players need to know is how the skins will work and what you can expect from them.

“Champion skins are a new way to personalize your favorite decks by taking them to an entirely new dimension!” Riot Games said about the new Legends of Runeterra feature. “Equipping a champion with a skin will alter the art for all copies of each of that champion’s levels, as well as their accompanying flavor text. Some skins have entirely new level-up animations, and alter the appearance of summoned units (i.e. Dark Star Zed’s Living Shadows).”

These new cosmetics will be available in the store once the Patch 2.8.0 drops, but it hasn’t been said yet how much they’ll cost for players to obtain. What we do know, however, is that we’ll get more info about them on Wednesday before the game’s next update drops. It’s also been confirmed that we’ll see more cosmetics added throughout the rest of the year, so eve though we don’t yet know which ones we’ll see, there’s a good chance some of your favorite themes from League – and perhaps some new ones – will come to Legends of Runeterra.