Legends of Runeterra Announces New Game Modes, Plans for New Cards and Regions

Legends of Runeterra has announced its roadmap for new features and expansions, which includes [...]

Legends of Runeterra has announced its roadmap for new features and expansions, which includes multiple new game modes and plans to introduce new regions. Earlier this week, Riot Games announced its longterm plans for Legends of Runeterra, which includes two new game modes coming in June and July, followed by the release of new cards in August. The first new game mode being released in June is a new Gauntlet mode that challenges players with unique deckbuilding modes. After running a test Gauntlet on June 26th, the first "real" Gauntlet will challenge players to build a competitive deck using only one copy of any given card. The plan is to launch Gauntlets on weekends and to do weekly swaps as more game modes are introduced.

The second new game mode are Labs, which are designed more around casual gameplay with more experimental features. Fewer details were given about the Labs, other than that the first would focus on unusual Champion pairings, unpredictable strategies, and a quick start to the action. In addition to Labs, Legends of Runeterra will also launch events in July, which will give players quests, optional cosmetic items, and themes that tie into gauntlets and labs.

Finally, Legends of Runeterra also confirmed the release plans for future sets of cards. New cards will be added every two months and a whole new region will be added every six months. Riot also noted that the new region will be the focus of the following three content releases, so players can expect that region's card list to gradually expand even after release.

Riot Games obviously has big plans for Legends of Runeterra, with everything from a single-player mode to player profiles to in-game leaderboards under development. Riot Games will also release new patches every two weeks and new balance updates every month.

Legends of Runeterra is available to download on PC and mobile devices.