Legends of Runeterra Roadmap Promises New Expansions and Events

The Legends of Runeterra team talked recently about the final region coming to the game which will [...]

The Legends of Runeterra team talked recently about the final region coming to the game which will feature Bandle City and its Yordle inhabitants League of Legends players will be plenty familiar with by now. At the same time, the developers shared a roadmap that detailed everything players can expect around and after the "Beyond the Bandlewood" set releases. Those details included several new types of expansions as well as events planned for later in the year.

The latest Legends of Runeterra roadmap can be seen below courtesy of the game's Twitter account after a condensed version of the recent dev video was shared. It shows July ending with things like the Lab of Legends: The Saltwater Scourge mode as well as the continuation of the Sentinels of Light event while August will bring the new Bandle City region.

September's a bit quieter with only the Legends of Runeterra World Championships listed for the month, but after that, a new ranked season gets underway with the release of another tournament and some more skins. November gets even busier with an event and a PvE expansion while December provides yet another card expansion and the start of the next ranked season.

I'm also really excited to tell you about an extra November expansion that'll follow Beyond the Bandlewood, bringing you a major PVE event unlike anything we've tried before," Andrew Yip, game director for Legends of Runeterra, said in the video below. "So that means we'll be dropping four total expansions for this set, not just three. You can expect that our December 8th expansion, plus the one after, will continue the Bandle City story, featuring a little more content than usual."

Though the roadmap in the tweet higher up only encompasses what's planned for the remainder of 2021, Yip said in the video that there will be another expansion releasing in February 2022. That's where the planned content ends as far as what's been revealed to the community, but as this roadmap wraps up, we can expect another one to reveal more content coming in the future.