The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Won’t Have Trophies or Achievements

Though the Life is Strange prequel The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is much more than a demo, don't expect your playthrough to contribute to that PlayStation 4 trophy count, or the Xbox One achievements. Don't worry, though, it's still going to be awesome and even better? It's free!

DONTNOD's Raoul Barbet revealed to Stevivor that though the game will have a lot to offer players, achievements and trophies won't be one of them. Barbet also told the site, "

"I wouldn't say that [it is a demo]," he said. "It's formed around our relative experience. It's a standalone experience. It means that if you don't know Life is Strange, you can play it and discover the type of game we're creating — and, I hope, the DNA of Life is Strange. Of course, if you know Life is Strange you can find a lot of details in Captain Spirit."

He added, "It's really a perfect introduction to Life is Strange 2."

With Life is Strange 2 now having a release date confirmed just earlier this week, it's exciting to see how the two titles will correlate. Life is Strange; The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit officially launches on June 26th for free.


"Over the past few years, ever since the release of the first game, DONTNOD have been quietly working on the next mainline entry in the Life is Strange universe," the company noted in a social post. "During this time we not only observed what these games truly meant to our fans, but we also put that in the context of what the series means to us and our ambitions for it.

"For us, Life is Strange is so much more than a single set of characters, places, themes or scenarios — Life is Strange is an entire universe of storytelling founded upon relatable characters facing real world issues, but always with 'a twist of the strange' and we have many more stories we want to tell. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is the first step towards showing you the true potential of Life is Strange, and the possibilities of a diverse universe filled with interesting characters and stories to tell."