Lost Ark Launch Issues Resolved, Players Getting Free Crystalline Aura

Much to the frustration of would-be Lost Ark players who were waiting for the game's free-to-play launch to commence this week, the game's official release was delayed due to deployment issues. That delay only lasted a couple of hours, however, with the game now live after those problems were resolved. A launch update shared by the developers after the delay was announced said that character creation limits would be imposed to smooth out wait times and that players would be granted free Crystalline Aura for a couple of days just for logging in as an apology gift.

Smilegate updated its ongoing launch-focused blog post on Friday with news of the launch issues being resolved. A new launch time was set, and now that that's passed, the game's now live for those who want to play for free.

"Good news! We were able to resolve all deployment issues delaying launch, and our new launch timing will be 2:15pm PT / 10:15 PM UTC," the devs said. "Thank you again for your patience while we worked through these final issues. We look forward to seeing you in Arkesia!"

Those who log in to Lost Ark between the time of launch and February 13th at a certain time will be granted three days of Crystalline Aura. This effect is something like a subscription-type perk in Lost Ark that should enhance your experience in Arkesia. It's not mandatory, but having a few days of it might entice you to keep it activated for longer, so it's a logical apology gift to be given away.

"We appreciate everyone's patience. Our team is continuing to work on resolving these issues," the devs said prior to the problems being resolved. "We will be adding 3 days of Crystalline Aura to all players who log in to the game between launch and 9am PT / 5pm UTC on February 13 as a small thank you for your support and understanding. Please continue to stand by for more updates."

With Lost Ark's problems now resolved, players should expect to be able to hop in with little issue, though there will likely be a bit of server congestion given that everyone will be trying to get in at the same time.