New Madden NFL 21 Update Breaks the Game, EA Responds

Madden 21's developers are aware of the glitch that caused fans to be locked out of their games and are working on the problem. Droves of fans flooded the EA Sports game's social media channels with calls to fix this weird bug. This whole situation started because of a new patch, but instead of fixing things, it kind of drove everything to the biggest extreme possible. Now, this was supposed to remedy the easy strips during interceptions and the high incidence of flags during plays on the ball. If that weren't enough of a tweak, quarterback runs got nerfed a bit and you can't abuse spread draws anymore. So, there's some good, but people have to be able to play the game for that to matter.

They wrote, "Hey Madden Community, We have observed an issue where players were getting locked out of signing into Madden NFL 21. We have corrected the root cause, but because affected players are unable to sign in, not all players can get online to get the fix. Below are some workarounds per platform to address this issue. Our teams are currently working on an Emergency Title Update as soon as possible to correct all impacted players. We apologize for this inconvenience. - The Madden Team"

Earlier this year, EA had a similar dust-up on their hands when it came to the popular Franchise Mode for Madden 21. The devs had to come forward to calm the player base's fears in that regard too.

"Hey Madden Franchise community, I'm Seann Graddy, I'm the executive producer for Madden NFL. On the behalf of the entire development team, we wanted to reach out to say, we see your #FixMaddenFranchise Tweets and we understand your frustration," Graddy began. "Now, the franchise community is critically important to us, and of course, we appreciate your passion for Madden NFL. We're reading your feedback and we clearly understand that you want more. We've seen your requests for more information about what the franchise community can expect moving forward."

"While I don't have a lot of details that I can share with you right now. I can tell you that today, our team is actively working on bolstering plans to support franchise in Madden NFL 21 and beyond," he added. "The development team is currently working from home to prepare for Madden NFL 21's launch on August 28th. But, we're also committed to providing updates to you about our thoughts and plans for franchise moving forward before the game launches. So, again, thank you for all the passion and the feedback that you bring. For those of you that are going to participate in the closed beta, we look forward to more feedback this weekend, Thank You."

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