Madden NFL 23 Fixes a Major Problem That's Been Plaguing the Series

Madden NFL 23 is expected to fix a long-running problem that's been plaguing the series for years. Although EA's sports games get a lot of fair criticism for not changing too much year over year, there have been major strides to innovate and refine the incredibly successful formula over the years. The series has come a long way from its earliest days, now allowing fans to participate in a variety of modes like Ultimate Team, Franchise Mode, and even in recent years, a single-player campaign complete with branching paths, A-list stars, and much more. Nevertheless, Madden fans continue to feel ignored by EA when it comes to particular issues.

One of the issues in Madden stems from Franchise Mode and bidding on free agents. Players have realized that, although there are scheduled times to bid on these things, it doesn't really matter so long as you come in slightly over at the very last second. It's a pretty classic tactic for eBay users, but is incredibly aggravating in a video game which could in theory prevent things like this. Thankfully, according to GameSpotMadden NFL 23 seeks to address this matter in a rather clever way. Now, the game won't let you see other players' bids or exactly where yours lands compared to other bids. It's less about competing to drop a stack of in-game cash on a player and more about making the best offer that feels reasonable and not just making ridiculous bids. Players will also reportedly have four offer templates to help streamline the experience: max offer, player-friendly, team-friendly, or neutral. Of course, players can still tweak it to their preferences if they desire. 

This change both eliminates a frustrating issue and helps create a more realistic experience for players. As of right now, Madden NFL 23 seems to be shaping up quite nicely. Only time will tell if it really takes the series to the next level, but it's at least taking the steps to fix issues that fans have been annoyed with.

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