Magic: The Gathering Arena Mobile Release Seemingly Confirmed

It would appear that Magic: The Gathering Arena really will be coming to mobile at some point in the near future. While it has always been assumed that the popular digital card game would get a mobile release, nothing official has been announced. Thanks to Hasbro's CEO, however, it would appear that some sort of mobile integration will be announced later this month.

As part of this morning's earnings conference call, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner was asked about digital gaming growth and what might be coming down the pipeline in 2020. Goldner's answer about 27 minutes in is a bit convoluted, but the short version is that Hasbro (which owns Wizards of the Coast) saw major growth for Magic: The Gathering Arena, and players, on average, spent about 8 hours a week playing the popular video game. It's popular on streaming, as an esport, and so on. The usual stuff. And then... things got interesting.

"We'll also talk more about our migration to mobile," Goldner said, "and Chris [Cao, Executive Producer of Magic: The Gathering Arena] will outline our 2020 plans on the 21st."

Now, this isn't confirmation of a release date or even launch window, and if you really want to split hairs, Goldner could be referring to one of the other digital games in Hasbro's portfolio or some other Chris that's unaffiliated with Magic: The Gathering Arena. But February 21st is right before this year's Toy Fair in New York, and context would seemingly suggest all signs point to a mobile version of Arena being announced by Chris Cao.

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Magic: The Gathering Arena is currently available on PC and via the Epic Games Store. A mobile version has long been assumed, but never officially confirmed. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Magic: The Gathering right here.