Magic: The Gathering Reveals First Look at Upcoming Lord of the Rings Set

Magic: The Gathering has provided fans with a first look at their upcoming Lord of the Rings set, [...]

Magic: The Gathering has provided fans with a first look at their upcoming Lord of the Rings set, as well as a few additional details about the new "Universe Beyond" set. During yesterday's Magic Showcase, Wizards of the Coast debuted a piece of artwork that will appear on the "Gandalf, Friend of the Shire" card in Magic: The Gathering's Lord of the Rings-themed set. The art depicts Gandalf the Grey as he sets off fireworks during Bilbo Baggins' birthday at the onset of Fellowship of the Ring. Wizards also confirmed that the Lord of the Rings set will be a "full, draftable" set usable in Eternal formats, and that the set would be released in 2023. You can check out the artwork by Dmitry Burmak, below:

gandalf image
(Photo: Wizards of the Coast)

The Lord of the Rings set is one of several collaborations planned for Magic: The Gathering in upcoming months. Wizards of the Coast just released its first full card set based on Dungeons & Dragons and announced that a second D&D set geared towards the Commander Draft format will be released in 2021. Additionally, Wizards of the Coast will release four Commander decks that use Warhammer 40,000 characters and artwork. Secret Lair drops are also planned based around the Street Fighter and Fortnite franchises. All of these are classified as "Universes Beyond" cards, a new label that denotes Magic: The Gathering's growing interest in crossover work.

Those who aren't interested in dipping their toes into other universes should still have plenty of Magic: The Gathering goodness to look forward to. The game will release four sets in 2022, including a new look at Kamigawa, a return to Dominaria, and a trip to the brand new crime family-themed setting of New Capenna. Wizards of the Coast also announced that its final 2022 set will feature The Brothers' War, the first storyline ever hinted at in Magic: The Gathering. This will show the war in all of its horrifying power instead of glimpses as seen through artifacts uncovered in the ancient past.

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