Magic: The Gathering Announces 2022 Sets, Including Big Plans for 30th Anniversary

Magic: The Gathering will be returning to its 'home' plane and revisiting its first real storyline [...]

Magic: The Gathering will be returning to its "home" plane and revisiting its first real storyline in celebration of its 30th anniversary. Wizards of the Coast revealed the full slate of 2022 sets earlier today during a Magic Showcase streamed on Twitch and YouTube. The sets contain something for everyone - 2022 will see players return to a classic setting, head to the far future of another existing setting, visit a brand new setting for the very first time, and finally experience the first major story arc ever introduced in Magic: The Gathering.

The first set of 2022 is "Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty" and is set 2,000 years after the original Kamigawa block. Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty will be a sci-fi dystopia, and will feature a new "cyber ninja" planeswalker. During the showcase, Wizards representatives stressed that they wanted to "do Kamigawa right" and consulted with several groups to make sure the Japanese aesthetics and themes stayed away from harmful stereotypes. A Secret Lair drop is planned to coincide with this release which will feature ink variants of classic Kamigawa cards.

The Q2 2022 release will be set in a new setting - the city of New Capenna. Streets of New Capenna will feature five three-color crime families warring for control over the city.

The 3Q release will feature a return to Dominaria, the first Magic: The Gathering setting. This set will highlight the card game's history and is being released to kick off Magic: The Gathering's 50th anniversary.

The final release of the year will be "The Brothers' War," a set recounting the legendary battle between Urza and Mishra. The Brothers' War was first hinted at during the classic "Antiquities" set, but this set will show the war in all of its terrible glory.

Wizards of the Coast also announced several new Secret Lairs and mini-sets, including crossovers with Street Fighter and Fortnite, and a second Dungeons & Dragons set. You can check out our full Magic: The Gathering coverage here.