New Mario Kart 9 Rumor Has Nintendo Fans Excited

A new Mario Kart 9 rumor has surfaced online and it has Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite [...]

A new Mario Kart 9 rumor has surfaced online and it has Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite users excited. We've been hearing about a proper new Mario Kart game for well over a year, and that may be because, according to the aforementioned rumor, it's been in development for the last three years and is close to releasing.

The new rumor comes the way of Zippo, a prominent Nintendo insider who has proven reliable in the past with various leaks pertaining to Nintendo and the games/series it makes, such as The Legend of Zelda and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

"I've heard multiple times that Yabuki's team are hard at work on a new Mario Kart of some sort, and have been for the last three years," said Zippo, speaking about Mario Kart 9. "I also made sure to specify that this project wasn't Mario Kart Tour, Live Circuit, or the Universal theme park ride."

Zippo adds that he's not sure what this new Mario Kart game will be. In other words, it may not be titled "Mario Kart 9." It could be a new expansion for Mario Kart 8 or a spin-off. Whatever the case, Zippo notes it's scheduled to release sometime this holiday season or early 2022, which means a reveal should be right around the corner.

Unfortunately, this is where the report ends. What is here needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Not only is it all unofficial, but it's also subject to change. And in a world still very much struggling with a pandemic, things in game development are constantly changing.

At the moment of publishing, Nintendo has not commented on this rumor and we don't expect this to change. Not only does Nintendo maintain a fairly strict "no comment" policy when it comes to rumors, but it hasn't addressed any of the previous Mario Kart 9 rumors. If for some reason it does break this pattern and provides a comment, we will update the story with whatever it has to say. In the meantime, for more coverage on all things Mario, Nintendo, and gaming, click here. In the most recent and related news, Nintendo has made some great Switch games that normally run at $20 just $2 for a limited time.