Marvel Heroes, Gazillion Closing Down By Week’s End, Employees Laid Off

We’ve already heard the sad news that Disney is discontinuing its role-playing action game [...]


We've already heard the sad news that Disney is discontinuing its role-playing action game Marvel Heroes Omega, but Gazillion tried to keep some hopes alive, saying that it would run through the end of the year. However, that no longer appears to be the case.

According to Massively OP, the Omega game is actually going to shut down as of this Friday, instead of the end of the year. Furthermore, it doesn't look like Gazillion is going to be giving any refunds on purchases made. Microsoft has attempted to refund a few folks that bought it on Xbox Live, but there are no guarantees. Sony, meantime, hasn't refunded anyone.

In addition, it looks like Gazillion will be shutting its doors on Friday as well, and laying off everyone at the company. Just in time for the holidays. Oof.

An ex-employee, who spoke to Massively OP under anonymity, explained the situation:

"The ex-employee says he was terminated as of today, that Gazillion is being shut down entirely, and that Marvel Heroes will sunset this coming Friday, not at the end of the year as originally announced," Massively OP noted. "The termination letter written by CEO Dave Dohrmann was shared with Massively OP and claims that banking creditors have effectively pulled the plug on the company, leading to the termination of almost every employee at the studio and the apparent renege of benefits including accrued PTO."

Another former employee, Andrew Hair, recently took to Twitter to voice his displeasure as well. "Happy Holidays, the company is dead and you're laid off," he said.

He also noted, "I know a lot of people are upset and wanting refunds for their purchases in @MarvelHeroes, but please keep in mind the developers were not paid out PTO, severance and our medical insurance is ending in 8 days. I would have loved to show you all the new five man Raid, LFG system, Thor Ragnarok costumes/heroes, Omega update on PC, new AI, better game pad controls, etc…it was a blast to work on. Thanks for all your support over the years."

It sounds like employees really have it rough, especially when it comes to not receiving benefits. And during Christmas, no less. Ouch.

We certainly wish all the ex-employees the best of luck in finding a new gig. As for consumers that bought goods for the game, keep fighting the good fight. Good luck to you as well!