Marvel Legendary Adds Black Panther Expansion

Marvel Legendary has announced its 29th expansion – a miniature expansion focusing on Black Panther and Wakanda. This week, Upper Deck announced Marvel Legendary – Black Panther, a new expansion with 100 cards that includes Black Panther, Storm, Shuri, and two other heroes. The new expansion will also come with two new Masterminds and Villains groups, which can be added to any Marvel Legendary game. This marks the second time that Black Panther and Storm have appeared in Marvel Legendary - Black Panther became a playable character in the first Secret Wars expansion while Storm is available in the Core set. To differentiate between the two sets of hero cards, Black Panther is described as King Black Panther while Storm is described as Queen Storm.

Marvel Legendary is a deck-building game in which players gradually collect hero cards while trying to stop Masterminds from completing their ultimate scheme. At the start of the game, players choose several Hero Decks to use in the scenario as well as a Mastermind and Villain groups. When the game starts, players use their small deck of Hero cards to either recruit new heroes and abilities for their deck or defeat certain villains. Marvel Legendary has both a co-op mode and a competitive mode – players have to work together to defeat the Mastermind, but they can also score Victory Points while doing so. 

Since Marvel Legendary is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the game has come out with both full-sized and mini-expansions based around different themes. Some expansions had added new mechanics or concepts, while others have been focused on different storylines or Marvel events. More recently, Marvel Legendary has also released movie expansions, such as the recent Guardians of the Galaxy expansion that featured characters from the movies.

Marvel Legendary – Black Panther will be released in August 3, 2022 and will cost $19.99.