Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Concept Artist Shares Strike Suit Design

One of the concept artists for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales shared a look at the Strike [...]

One of the concept artists for Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales shared a look at the Strike Suit. Changing costumes has been a central feature of both Spidey games from Insomniac. The Strike Suit is heavily influenced by Tokusatsu heroes as evidence by that helmet design and the collar. (A lot of the Super Sentai costumes from the last few years have been rocking that Kamen Rider-esque collar design.) Miles' oversized gauntlets also match very well with his venom powers. Designer Dave Rapoza also found a way to work in the fingerprint detail that has become a staple of the young hero's Spider-Suits since his introduction. It might not be the suit from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse or be one of the movie designs, but it absolutely oozes personality.

In a previous conversation with Marvel, Javier Garron talked about his work on the T.R.A.C.K. suit for the game. Ganke's helping Miles at every turn during the story, and he was on overtime putting together that very sleek ensemble. Check out what the artist had to say about that look down below.

Garron began, "You have all the classic elements from the Spider-Man lore: the webs, the pointy-shaped big eyes, the spider logo. I wanted to have a new take on the mythos, design-wise, but always trying to keep it coherent and part of the larger picture. There are those elements that make Miles unique as a Spider-person. Black and red colors. The sport accessories and vibe in some iterations of the suit. I tried to be as aware as possible of how design in games is now in. Try to make it current and vibrant. Unique but definitely Spidey."

"As I played with the spider logo on Miles' chest, I realized it could be interesting to make it one element with the one of the back, connecting their lines through the trapezius muscle. I was always keeping the webbing in Miles head and shoulder but as I started joining the symbols it kind of started creating zones in the costume, little frontiers," he added. "And that zonification is the perfect composition set of lines to make shifts in color and texture. I definitely wanted to keep the black color and as I finally did bleed it to the hands. But trying to make the whole thing more straightforward too, since I tend to complicate things too much and I need to edit myself down constantly, I found it interesting to reduce the webbed area."

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