Marvel Strike Force Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary With Month-Long Celebration

Marvel Strike Force has clearly been a hit with fans, and it's celebrating its five-year anniversary. The game has come a long way since launch, and over the years the game has added War, Cosmic Crucible, and more new modes and has introduced a bevy of amazing characters from the Marvel Universe. With more than 1 billion hours played, the game isn't losing any steam, and now it is celebrating the fans with a host of favorite events making a return as well as new characters joining the mix. Plus fans will have a new Time Heist mechanic tolerant and new costumes to unlock, and then the game will wrap up its Age of Apocalypse arc as well, and the entire celebration is now underway!

"The journey of 'MARVEL Strike Force' has been incredible," said Sean Dugan, Creative Director of "MARVEL Strike Force." "Five years ago, we started out with just a handful of characters and modes. Today, we have an expansive roster of more than 225 superheroes and villains, plus a host of new ways for players to engage with their Alliances. It's been an honor to deliver endless hours of fun and epic Marvel action for our global community, and we can't wait to show our players what's in store for the future."

Several Legacy Events will make their way back during the month-long celebration, allowing long-time fans to jump back in and new fans to experience them for the first time. Those events include:

2018 – Character Events with Thanos & Rocket Raccoon
2019 – Minn-Erva Event Campaign Mission "Kree Commandos"
2020 – Team-up events featuring Rocket Raccoon & Groot
2021 – Kestrel Event Campaign Mission "Take Flight"
2022 – Gambit raid with updated character lists

Marvel Strike Force will also debut a new original character, who will join other originals like Kestrel, Deathpool, and Spider-Weaver. A fourth original character by the name of Vahl will join them, and they are one of the first Asgardians and keeper of Valhalla.

Then the game will conclude its Age of Apocalypse story, which started last year. Kicking off with the introduction of Morgan Le Fay, Apocalypse now has his Four Horsemen, and the story will conclude with Apocalypse's release on March 10th as he looks to claim his throne at the center of the multiverse.

There will also be an event campaign mission for Kestrel, and a new costume to go along with it. Also a Shield Medic anniversary costume is available for all players who enter the S.T.R.I.K.E Assemble Sweepstakes (and you can find more details below). Finally a new game mechanic called Time Heist will be introduced that lets players progress through the game at faster pace for players on the go.

"Players can enter the S.T.R.I.K.E. Assemble sweepstakes for a chance to win great prizes, including a limited-edition "MARVEL Strike Force" art book or a fifth anniversary pin. Visit for more details."

You can check out the 5th Anniversary Celebration right now, and you can download Marvel Strike Force for free on iOS and Android.