Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Costume Reveal Indicates Doctor Doom as a Playable Character

On Thursday, the long-awaited Shadow of Doom expansion will arrive for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: [...]

On Thursday, the long-awaited Shadow of Doom expansion will arrive for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. The expansion will focus on the Fantastic Four, but it seems as though a fifth playable character will appear in the DLC: Doctor Doom! The news was seemingly spoiled by Marvel Games, revealing an alternate costume for Victor Von Doom based on his appearance in Doom 2099, alongside alternate looks for the Fantastic Four themselves. Since it wouldn't make any sense for the character to have an alternate look unless he was playable, it seems to be a safe bet that Doom is unlocked by completing the new story mission.

The focus on the Fantastic Four characters is certainly a welcome one. The team spent years out of the spotlight, but their popularity has been on the rise a bit, particularly as rumors swirl about a new movie featuring the team. Given Doom's close association with the team, his inclusion as an opponent in the DLC was hardly a surprise, but his playable status certainly is.

Of course, Doom is far from the first playable villain in the game. Players can add Venom, Loki, Magneto, and even Thanos to their teams in the game, so Doom definitely doesn't seem to be too big a leap. Like most of those characters, Doom has also played the role of a hero, at times, so his inclusion makes a little bit of sense. He also happens to be one of the most popular Marvel characters of all-time, so fans will likely be pretty excited about his addition!

Since Doom's announcement seems to be either an accident on Marvel games' part, or a bit of a surprise, further details about the character are slim, at this time. However, with the DLC releasing within the next few hours, fans won't have long to wait to find out more.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. The Shadow of Doom DLC can only be acquired by purchasing the game's expansion pass.

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