Marvel United: Multiverse Teased for 2023

CMON has announced plans to release a third wave of Marvel United games and expansions, with a Kickstarter launching "soon." CMON in collaboration with Spin Master Games has revealed Marvel United: Multiverse, a new expansion of their modular Marvel United franchise. As its name suggests, the game will bring in Marvel heroes from across the Multiverse, with Captain Carter, Cosmic Ghost Rider, and Shuri shown off in the initial trailer. Immortus, a Loki variant, and Galactus were also teased in the first trailer, while Ironheart and Spider-Man 2099 appeared in a teaser image. You can check out the announcement trailer below: 

Marvel United is a family-friendly cooperative game in which players take on the role of an individual Marvel hero working with other players to stop a greater threat. Each hero has its own deck of cards and abilities, with players able to "unite" their superpowers via combo moves in order to stop the Marvel villain at the heart of the scenario. The game utilizes a modular system, with players able to swap in boards, characters, and villains to allow for a wider variety of gameplay. 

To date, CMON has run two successful Kickstarters to fund two waves of Marvel United content. The base game raised over $2.8MM on Kickstarter while a Marvel United: X-Men set raised over $5.8MM. Like many other CMON franchises, both waves of Marvel United content came with numerous expansions and spin-offs, all of which used featured chibi-style miniatures for use in the game. 

More information about Marvel United: Multiverse is expected to be announced soon. You can sign up to be notified about the game's launch here.

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