Marvel's Avengers Game Shows Off Much Better Captain America Outfit

A new look at the Marvel’s Avengers art book accompanying the upcoming game has just given us a better look at one of Captain America’s more impressive outfit options. The reveal of the cover art for Marvel’s Avengers – The Art of the Game showed the heroes in their respective Stark Tech outfits which we’ve seen before, but we’ve only seen a brief look at Captain America’s Stark Tech suit in the past. It's a much different look from the original Captain Americasuit initially revealed for the game, but as is the case with the rest of the outfits, the exact circumstances around how Captain America gets this outfit are unknown.

Square Enix and Titan Books unveiled the cover art for Marvel’s Avengers – The Art of the Game this week on social media with pre-orders for the game now live for those who want to secure their copy before September 4th. While many people probably did exactly that, others took notice of the cover artwork and the version of Captain America it showed.

Compare that to the original look at Captain America’s Stark Tech suit which showed only a glimpse at concept art alongside the other heroes and we now have a much better look at the suit’s design. Each of the other heroes appear to be wearing their Stark Tech suits as well as given away by details like Black Widow’s eyes and Hulk’s gauntlets that line up with that original preview.

Those who’ve been keeping up with the game will recall we saw a better look at the Stark Tech suits in June, but Captain America was notably absent from the lineup. Previews of the game including trailers that have anything to do with the present-day perspective of the story players will play through and gameplay itself have left out Captain America since he’s supposedly dead in the game. It’s understood that we’ll be seeing a lot of Captain America though seeing how he’s got several different suits available to the character that are accessible via pre-orders and other means.


The armored Stark Tech suit stands out among those, but since we haven’t seen them all yet, it seems like there will be plenty of options for players to pick from when they’re choosing their favorite suit.

Marvel’s Avengers and its accompanying art book are scheduled to release on September 4th.

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