Marvel's Avengers: Watch Black Panther's Introduction in War for Wakanda

Marvel's Avengers just received its largest update to date in the form of the game's first major [...]

Marvel's Avengers just received its largest update to date in the form of the game's first major expansion Black Panther: War For Wakanda, and fans are already jumping into all the new content. Not only is Black Panther now a fully playable character, but we also get to see the stunning introduction to Wakanda as well as characters like Shuri and Okoye. There's a lot to take in, and if you haven't had the chance to jump in yet, you can actually watch the full introduction for Black Panther: War For Wakanda and some early gameplay in the video above.

The expansion starts out with narration and a small introduction to the core concepts of Black Panther, including the hero himself, Vibranium, Wakanda, and where this story fits within the larger narrative of the game. We then move to Wakanda, where we see some of Klaw's soldiers work on placing charges while another one keeps watch.

One poor soul walks out towards the jungle and is soon pulled up off the ground. When his friend searches for him, a panther gets in his face and sends him scrambling. The camera then pans up to see Black Panther perched on a statue high abo e, and he soon leaps down and grabs the soldier by the neck before letting him go.

We then take you through some very early gameplay just to see what T'Challa can do, and you can watch it in full in the video above.

Marvel's Avengers writer Hannah MacLeod recently spoke to all about the expansion, including the main villain of the piece Klaw, who leads this military-esque contingent into Wakanda.

"So, we kind of like the dichotomy there between those two, but yeah, we wanted Klaw to be a worthy adversary for T'Challa. And part of it comes from his tech, which Scott can talk more about for sure. And then, part of it comes from just, he has some personal vendettas against Wakanda that really make him the right person. And he doesn't mind letting those personal vendettas get in the way so to speak of any other job he might have to do there. Yeah. So, we went full in on Klaw being this kind of charismatic evil guy who is extremely confident in his abilities," MacLeod said.

Marvel's Avengers' War For Wakanda expansion is live to download now for free, and you can find even more coverage of the game right here.

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