Insomniac Confirms 'Marvel's Spider-Man' Will Not Feature 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Suit

Following the Sam Raimi suit being added into the PlayStation 4 exclusive Marvel's Spider-Man and [...]

Following the Sam Raimi suit being added into the PlayStation 4 exclusive Marvel's Spider-Man and all of the controversy that surrounded it, many players have already begun to ask what's next in terms of suits Spidey can rep. While we don't know what new suits lie on the horizon, we do at least we know what we won't be getting and according to Insomniac's reply, it doesn't look like it was a hard decision.

When one Twitter user asked Community Director James Stevenson, "Now the crying brats got what they wanted, will you be releasing [The Amazing Spider-Man] suits," Stevenson's reply was an abrupt "no."

Given all of the backlash and harassment that the developers dealt with leading up to the Raimi suit, it's really not that surprising that there seems to be a professional barrier being built up. It's sad to see, because the closeness that technology affords made it very easy to "geek out" with creators of these incredible games, but that closeness is definitely a double-edged sword - one that often brings death threats, constant harassment, and overall deplorable behavior.

Is it possible we'll be getting it down the line? Well, yes. The decision to bring the Raimi suit in was made months ago and the decision to release had nothing to do with trolls, though there seems to be rising number of people that harassed the studio that for some reason think they are the cause of the addition. These concepts are not instantaneous - they take time to implement into a game of this scale to make it work the way the suits should work.

It's entirely possible that The Amazing Spider-Man can come later and they just aren't ready to publicly announce anything, though honestly chances are slim. That particular phase in cinematic history didn't really do too hot among fans and there are so many other suits to choose from.

What are your thoughts the exclusion of The Amazing Spider-Man? Any opinions on the relationship between developers and gamers? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!