Celebrate 'Mass Effect 2's' Birthday With This Amazing Jack and Grunt Cosplay

The original Mass Effect trilogy from BioWare was nothing short of iconic with an incredibly loyal fanbase in its stead. Though we have long since said our farewells to Commander Shepard, but the fight for survival against the Reapers will forever live in our hearts. But it wasn't just the story that enraptured us. The characters as well were enthralling and one of those characters is our beloved Tank Baby, Grunt and the deliciously inappropriate Jack.

Cosplay is a phenemenal way for fans to show off their love for their favourite faces in beloved games and that's just what cosplayer Elisabeth Erring did with her Krogran glory alongside Karin Olava's phenomenal Jack. With a Bachelor's degree in mask and hair design, her skill shines through with this insanely detailed cosplay - full body and all! For a species as massive as the Krogan, that's no easy feat:

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