New Mass Effect 4 Update Has Fans Excited

A new update out of BioWare has Mass Effect fans excited for the new game in development. Some tentatively refer to this new game as Mass Effect 4, while others have labeled it Mass Effect 5 due to Mass Effect Andromeda, but so far BioWare and EA haven't given the game a name. It's simply been referred to as "the next Mass Effect." Whatever the game ends up being called, Michal Tucker will be working on it, which has fans of the RPG series excited. 

For those that don't know: Tucker is a content creator over on YouTube known for his work on the Story Mode and Beyond the Screenplay channels. He knows his way around a narrative and is a documented fan of the series. Suffice to say, fans of his work are excited to see him working on the game. And those who aren't familiar with his work should be excited as he will not only bring a lot to the table but does so whilst being a fan. That said, it's unclear what his role is on the game, but the news alone is enough to have fans excited. 

"That's so cool and a seemingly great pickup. His Mass Effect video was perfect. The dude totally got it and had a great plan for how to turn Mass Effect into a TV series that aligned with my thoughts and sensibilities completely," reads an excited reply to the news over on popular video game forum Reset Era. "I already had good confidence about those working on Mass Effect 4 but this is a welcome addition. New blood with a great understanding of the IP." "Love his channels. Very cool to see Bioware taking the story extra seriously with a big fan of the games," added another fan. 

Again, we have no clue what Tucker's role will be on the game, but on the surface level, this is the type of hire that suggests BioWare and EA are taking care with this new Mass Effect, which very well could be a make or break point for the franchise. 

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