New Meta VR Headset Launch Window Confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg

Meta will be introducing a new virtual reality device in a couple of months, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed recently during a podcast. Speaking to Joe Rogan on the hosts Joe Rogan's Experience show, Zuckerberg teased some of the features that this new device would boast and said it'll be "coming out in October." A name for the device was not confirmed during the podcast episode, but past rumors and discoveries have pointed to it being another piece of hardware in the Meta Quest family of devices.

During the podcast which you can listen to here, Zuckerberg talked about how this new device will now allow for people to "have kind of eye contact in virtual reality" (via The Verge). This new device will supposedly be capable of allowing one's avatar to mimic their real-time expressions such as frowns, smiles, and other behaviors.

Earlier in the year, Meta showed off a new VR device which was referred to as "Project Cambria." The previews like the one below demonstrated what mixed reality could look like with this device with Meta saying at the time that it would launch later this year.

"First-ever look at color Passthrough mixed reality on Project Cambria, our upcoming high-end VR device," a preview of the new headset said. "When developers create mixed reality experiences for Meta Quest 2 using Presence Platform capabilities today, they'll also run on Project Cambria when it launches later this year— in higher fidelity and with color Passthrough for a richer experience, thanks to Cambria's advanced hardware specs."

As for when Meta will show off this new device in full, one would imagine that it'd happen at the company's next Connect event. The 2020 Connect took place in September while the 2021 Connect took place in October, so while dates haven't been set yet for this year's event, it makes sense that we'd see this presentation with Project Cambria in tow around the same timeframe.

Pricing naturally hasn't been announced for this new device, but it's not difficult to imagine it being more expensive than the current Meta Quest offerings. The most recent of those devices, the Meta Quest 2, just recently got a price increase, however, so hopefully the new device won't be too far off from that updated price point.