Minecraft Legends Spinoff Reveals New Enemies

The new Minecraft spinoff called Minecraft Legends that's coming in 2023 will allow players to interact with mobs and environments in different ways just like Minecraft Dungeons did, and similar to the new enemies found in that dungeon crawler, this new game will have some new mobs of its own. We saw some of those briefly in a trailer released for the Minecraft Legends game this week, and as part of Xbox's Gamescom events, we learned more from the game's creators about some of these creatures.

As those who've been following along with Minecraft Legends may have noticed, the Piglins are the primary antagonists found in the game. These are of course found in Minecraft proper and originate from that game, but Mojang is evolving the Piglin line in Minecraft Legends with a couple of new foes to look out for.

"It's called the 'Pigmadillo,'" Minecraft Legends executive producer Dennis Ries said about one of the new enemies shown in this week's trailer. "It's the one that comes out of the portal and then kind of hunches up into a cube and rolls at you. Very difficult to defeat, and one of the more fun ones."

Another enemy present in Minecraft Legends is the "Bruiser" which seems to have adopted the archetypal playstyle of the same name into a new mob.

"It's another one you see in the trailer," Ries continued. "It comes out and has like two kind of razor blades on its arms and does some really wicked moves as it comes and attacks you."

The new mobs aren't all bad, however. There are some new additions to the player's side as well that can be used tactically to take on the piglin threat. One of those is the Cobblestone Golem which is specifically useful against structures, Ries said. Another golem variant is the Plank Golem, a ranged unit featured alongside the other new mobs in the trailer above.

Minecraft Legends does not yet have a release date beyond sometime in 2023, so look for more of these mobs and other reveals to be previewed as we get closer to its release.