Final Minecraft Mob Revealed Ahead of Community Vote

After revealing the first two of three Minecraft mobs that players can vote on soon during Minecraft Live, Mojang unveiled yet another this week in preparation for the big community vote. This time, we got a new look at the tuff golem, a creature which seems to be created entirely for the purpose of holding stuff. It's got two different states that allow it to hold onto these items, and if players vote it into the game, they'll be able to utilize tuff golems after they're added in a future update.

Similar to how the last mobs were previewed, the tuff golem got a trailer along with a post on the Minecraft site going over how the creature works. It's a moving statue, and depending on which state it's in, it can either hold onto things or go find something to pick up.

"This mob is also a statue – that moves! In its statue state, the tuff golem can hold and display any item you give it," a preview of this Minecraft creature explained. "When it wakes up from its statuesque slumber, it will stroll around at random and pick up whatever dropped item it comes across if it is not holding one already."

Similar to other golems already in the game, players will have to construct this one if they want it to be around to help out, assuming it even gets added to the game.

"The tuff golem will be a mob that you build, like snow and iron golems, but unlike them, they are completely passive," Mojang said. "If you include a wool block in its construction, it will wear a matching cloak! Such a stylish statue!"


Now that the tuff golem has been revealed, we've seen all the creatures that can perhaps be added to the game. The choice is between the sniffer, the rascal, and the tuff golem, and players will cast their votes on October 14th to decide which gets added.