Minecraft Reveals New Mob Following Community Vote

After giving Minecraft players the chance to vote on one of three new mobs that could potentially be added to the game, Mojang has declared a winner. The mobs to be voted on were the Glare, Allay, and Copper Golem, and the victor of those three was the Allay. That means that players will be able to rope the helpful mob into their building efforts by tasking it with retrieving resources for them whenever the creature is officially added to the game.

The votes weren't able to be cast until the Minecraft Live show itself gave the go ahead, so the vote began and ended during a relatively short window of time just as it has in past years. During that time, the Glare was first knocked out of the running in the opening votes before it came down to only the Allay and the Copper Golem.

Once it was down to just those two, the Allay was declared the winner soon afterwards. Votes tallied through Twitter showed that the vote was pretty close on that platform following campaign efforts from those who wanted either the Allay or the Copper Golem to be added.

For those who haven't been keeping up with the mobs and their purposes, the Allay is able to retrieve things for players. The catch is that you have to first give them something so that they know what to retrieve, and to make sure you know where they're going to go after collecting resources, you have to have a Note Block down somewhere that's convenient for you.

"Cue the confetti, because your winning mob is none other than the allay!" Mojang said about the new mob. "This dainty dancer is not only a lover of music and note blocks, but also an avid collector. If you give the allay an item, it will bring back matching or similar ones – as long as they are able to pick them up. In other words, the allay will not mine or craft things at your whim."

The Copper Golem, by comparison, had to be constructed by players and would push Copper Buttons on its own accord after being built. The Glare's purpose was to let players know when areas were dark enough to spawn monsters, but given that there are already methods in place for determining that, it's not surprising to see the Glare be looked over for these other two mobs.

Minecraft players can expect to see the Allay added to the game as part of a future update.