Minecraft's New Aquatic Update Is an Ocean Overhaul

Minecraft has a new update coming that tackles one of the biggest parts of the block-building [...]

Minecraft has a new update coming that tackles one of the biggest parts of the block-building game: The ocean.

Working with the ocean, building floating cities, and using the ocean water to your advantage are some of the ways Minecraft players can interact with the biome right now, but it was recently announced during the MineCon Earth that there's a lot more on the way. From dolphins to tridents, the new content that's being called Update Aquatic will change the ocean as you know it.

During the livestream that's shown above, the team at Mojang discussed almost 3 hours worth of Minecraft content. You're welcome to watch the whole thing for all the latest Minecraft news, but if you skip ahead to just after the 2:26:30 mark, you'll see some of the features that'll be introduced in the new update.

Starting out slow with some bubble columns that'll add some physics to items around them, the video goes on to show some of the new animal life that'll be added in the update. The water biomes will soon include fish that you can catch in buckets that'll come in all sorts of randomly generated colors to keep things fresh, and you'll be able to use these to create your own aquarium as well. Puffer fish, others species of fish, and underwater plants will all be present, but one of the most notable additions to the watery lineup are the dolphins that will assist you when it comes to collecting treasure from the ocean.

But with players spending more time in the water, they'll need a way to defend themselves, and that's where the trident comes into play. The trident is a new weapon that'll be throwable while underwater to take out distant enemies while you're exploring underwater. With a Loyalty enchantment, it'll also act like a boomerang and return to you once its thrown.

The new aquatic update is expected to be released sometime in 2018, though no date was provided for when players could expect it. Look for more information on it soon though as more information is revealed and we approach its release.