MLB The Show 21 Leak Appears to Confirm Xbox Release

Sony’s San Diego Studio had previously promised that February would bring new information about [...]

Sony's San Diego Studio had previously promised that February would bring new information about MLB The Show 21 for fans, but it looks as if a new leak has beaten the company to the punch. Assuming that the tease proves to be true, and it certainly looks to be true, it also confirms one very important piece of information related to the series this year: that it is coming to Xbox.

Posted on Instagram by user Anerdydad, the cover art of MLB The Show 21 looks to have been revealed. While this normally wouldn't be a major deal on its own, what makes it notable is that one of the pieces of box art that were let loose confirms that the game will be coming to Xbox platforms in 2021. This was something that we expected to happen this year, but San Diego Studio had yet to confirm it for themselves.

As for the cover art itself, MLB The Show 21 features Fernando Tatis Jr. of the San Diego Padres. Tatis Jr. is one of the young stars of Major League Baseball and had a breakout season in 2020. To see him appearing on the art for MLB The Show 21 this year isn't much of a shock at all given his quick rise to stardom over the past year.

What remains to be seen about this year's MLB The Show title moving forward is whether or not it will come to other platforms as well. Previously, it was said that Nintendo Switch and PC versions of the game would be coming in the future alongside a release for Xbox. Given the fact that this Xbox release now looks to be finally happening, it's safe to assume that other platforms will also be launching alongside it.

At the moment, there's still a lot we have left to learn about MLB The Show 21 but we should start to hear more quite soon. With February kicking off next week, there's a decent show that San Diego Studio might begin talking more about this year's title in mere days.

So how do you feel about this development? Would you potentially pick up MLB The Show 21 if it finally comes to non-PlayStation platforms this year? Let me know down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.