PlayStation's MLB The Show Is Coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox

Sony and MLB made a surprise announcement on Monday to reveal that the MLB The Show series will no [...]

Sony and MLB made a surprise announcement on Monday to reveal that the MLB The Show series will no longer be exclusive to the PlayStation platform. Instead, it'll be releasing for "additional console platforms" as early as 2021, and it looks like two of those platforms will expectedly be the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. The next game in the series is MLB The Show 20 which is scheduled to be released in March, so it looks like PlayStation will still be the place to play that one for now.

The announcement about MLB The Show going multi-platform was shared this week with a press release that confirmed the move and gave a timeframe for when other consoles might see MLB games releasing outside of the PlayStation 4. Sony and MLB announced that they'd extended their development partnership to continue making games in the series. It was after that announcement that the more interesting detail about MLB The Show no longer being a PlayStation exclusive was heard.

"In addition, the historic expansion of the long-standing partnerships will bring MLB The Show, for the first time ever, to additional console platforms beyond PlayStation platforms as early as 2021," the announcement said. "Complete details will be announced at a later date.

Judging from the wording of that, it appears as though MLB The Show 20 will still be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, at least when it launches. Perhaps those on the Nintendo Switch and whatever Xbox it releases for will get it at a later date, or maybe they'll have to wait for 2021's take on the series.

You'll notice that neither the Xbox One nor the Nintendo Switch were explicitly mentioned, but the "additional console platforms" is a pretty clear indicator of where it's going. If that wasn't enough on its own, both Nintendo and Xbox shared the announcement through the platforms' Twitter accounts with their own hints of what the future holds.

MLB The Show is currently scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4 on March 17, 2020.