MLB The Show 21 News Is Finally Coming Next Month

We’re halfway through January and still know nothing about this year’s entry in Sony San Diego Studio’s annual MLB The Show franchise. While this is absolutely unusual given the pre-release trajectory for past installments, we finally have an idea of when we’ll be hearing more.

As shared from the official Twitter account for MLB The Show today, it was made clear that information on this year’s game is finally coming next month. “MLB The Show 21 news is coming in February,” the account simply shared today. This revelation proved to be a relief for many fans in the replies to the tweet who have been begging for any sort of information in recent weeks.

While this news might not seem like a huge deal, this year’s edition of MLB The Show 21 has far more intrigue surrounding it than normal. For those that don’t remember, when Major League Baseball granted San Diego Studio the league’s license again back in 2019, one major update in the contract between the two entities allowed for the series to finally come to platforms other than PlayStation. 2021 actually marks the first year in which MLB The Show can come to other hardware including Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

The only confusion that we have with this situation right now is that we don’t know if MLB The Show 21 will actually end up being multiplatform or not this year. Again, no knowledge about this 2021’s entry has been given by the developers which is why today’s update proved to be so important to many fans. While it's assumed that the franchise won't be locked to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 this year, we won't know for certain until next month.

Whenever we do end up hearing more about MLB The Show 21 next month and the finer details about its release, we'll let you know here on At the very least, you can likely plan on getting your hands on the game in March 2021 if this year's entry ends up releasing in the same window as previous installments.