MLB The Show 23 Players Slam "Horrible" Change to the Game

MLB The Show 23 won't release fully until March 28, however, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X users have already gotten their hands on the game, as of yesterday, via early access. And like every year, there are some changes that aren't sitting well with many fans. To this end, over on Reddit a post criticizing one specific part of the game, one specific change from MLB The Show 22, has been gaining traction on the series' Reddit page. What does the post take umbrage with? The "horrible" changes to the team management screen. According to the post, it's some of the worst UI they have seen not just in any game, but any application ever. 

"Are we in agreement that the new team management screen is horrible," reads the Reddit post. "The team load out screen wasn't the greatest last year, but it at least made sense and was easy to navigate. This year's is some of the worst UI design I've seen in any application, on any platform. The amount of wasted space is truly astounding. Maybe it's just me though being over critical?"

"Yeah, it's not good. Took forever to find out how it just use best squad possible (while in the early stages of my roster) and then the lineup and rotation was so unintuitive," added another fan. 

A third fan adds: "I don't even have the game yet but my eyes HURT so bad looking at it. Why break something that was good, such a bad decision in my opinion. Even the font decision and menus look so unfinished."

Of course, not everyone agrees. While there doesn't appear to be anyone championing the changes, there are others who said while it was jarring at first they quickly acclimatized to the changes, suggesting they aren't as bad as some players make them out to be. That said, and as always, feel free to weigh in on the topic and debate via the comments section. Do you agree with these fans? Did Sony San Diego get these changes wrong?