Mortal Kombat 11 Director Trolls Fans With DLC Tease

Taking to Twitter, Ed Boon has taken an opportunity to use the platform how its creators intended [...]

Taking to Twitter, Ed Boon has taken an opportunity to use the platform how its creators intended it to be used: to troll Mortal Kombat fans. As the creator of the series and its current creative director, Boon is harassed by Mortal Kombat fans 24/7. It doesn't matter what he tweets about, the replies are full of Mortal Kombat fans asking about Mortal Kombat things, usually DLC. Perhaps, as a result, Boon is known to occasionally tease and troll these fans. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish between the two, but this time this isn't a problem.

This morning, Boon tweeted a picture of Tom eating his friend Jerry, with the caption "Tom is joining Shaggy as the next MK guest character," followed by the hashtag "Konfirmed." Obviously, though, this isn't happening.

Below, you can check out the tweet for yourself:

As for why Boon mentions Shaggy, it's due to the "demand" for the character to be added to the game back in early 2019 before MK11 released. At the time, Boon leaned into the meme, and it became a whole big Internet thing for a few months. Like Tom, Shaggy is never going to be added though. But will more DLC characters be added? Well, we don't know. While rumors and leaks have suggested more characters are coming to the game, so far WB Games and NetherRealm Studios haven't said a peep one way or the other.

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