Mortal Kombat Producer Talks About the Most Exciting Aspect of the Reboot

If you're a fan of Mortal Kombat, there are surely countless things to be excited about with the [...]

If you're a fan of Mortal Kombat, there are surely countless things to be excited about with the forthcoming movie reboot. The story, the fight scenes, and just the general return of this beloved series to the big screen is surely enough to build anticipation for many who have loved the video game franchise for decade. When it comes to the movie's own producer, Todd Garner, he has now revealed what makes him most delighted about the project.

Speaking during a recent press junket that attended, Garner said that the thing he is most excited to see in Mortal Kombat is pretty straightforward. "Seeing the fighting," Garner said simply. "Simon set out to make the best fighting movie that's ever been made. And look, I don't know, time will tell if he's done it, but the fact that he set that bar and the fact that he cast the best guys and women possibly that could do this movie."

Garner went on to say that part of why he's so excited to see the fight scenes unfold in Mortal Kombat is due to who they cast in the movie. The producer expressed that all of the actors in the movie were chosen because they were the best for the role, not because they were necessarily a big-name. Garner said that everyone appearing in Mortal Kombat was chosen not "for box office or [because] they have a huge Twitter following, or they are on a huge hit CW show. But they were the best Liu Kang, they were the best Kung Lao, they were the best Sonya Blade."

Outside of just looking forward to the fight scenes though, Garner did say that he personally geeked out for one specific character when they appeared on the set. "And then just my own personal thing is the second Kabal walked on set, I lost my shit. He was amazing," Garner said. Clearly, he's a big fan of the speedy, hooksword-wielding character that first appeared back in Mortal Kombat 3.

As for the new Mortal Kombat movie itself, it's set to debut in only a few short weeks and will be arriving simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max on April 16th.