MultiVersus Dev Teases New Fighter's Potential and More Details

The next MultiVersus character to be added to the game is Morty Smith from Rick and Morty, but as far as official details about the character's playstyle and moves go, we don't know a ton about the fighter at this time. However, the MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh has been talking a bit about Morty recently on social media to offer at least a few insights into what this character might be like. This all follows the recent Season 1 announcement from Player First Games and Warner Bros. which confirmed when, exactly, the new season will start and when Morty will be added to the game.

Huynh is pretty active on Twitter for those who may not be following him there already, and while a lot of that consists of him resharing MultiVersus-related posts from content creators and replies to those peppering him with questions, the Morty-related tweets were shared largely unprompted this week. Huynh started the teases earlier in the week by confirming that Morty would be labeled as an "Expert" fighter. Only a couple of fighters like Steven Universe and Arya Stark are considered Expert characters right now, so expect Morty to have a bit of a difficulty curve once he's released.

A day later, Huynh praised Morty's "really cool setups" and said he couldn't wait to see what other players could come up with when using the character's kit.

Finally, Huynh tweeted out a more casual tweet saying Morty was "really fun for the player" and that the dev hoped the same would be true for those playing against the character. Fighting game players will know all too well how frustrating it can be to play against a character considered unfun, so let's hope that's true.

Morty currently has a page up on the MultiVersus site which labels him as a Bruiser character similar to LeBron James, Taz, Batman, and more. A previous press release indicated that Morty would "have a mix of skills with an emphasis on projectiles and counter moves." The Season 1 announcement shared recently said that Morty would be released on August 23rd. Rick does not currently have a release date.