Bandai Namco Might Be Teasing a My Hero Academia Game

A new My Hero Academia game might be in the works after a new teaser from Bandai Namco hinted at [...]

my hero academia
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A new My Hero Academia game might be in the works after a new teaser from Bandai Namco hinted at the project.

It might not look like much on its own, but diehard fans familiar with a certain egg-related scene from My Hero Academia will draw the connection between the teaser and the anime. When you go to the new teaser site that's been set up by Bandai Namco as indicated by the URL, you'll be prompted to perform one simple action: Click the microwave. After doing that, a whiff of smoke follows with a simple egg rolling out of the now opened microwave door before cracking down the middle. A countdown then closes the loop with it currently saying "9 Days Left."

This short sequence appears to be a direct reference to an episode from the first season where My Hero Academia protagonist Izuku Midoriya is making attempts to adapt to his new One for All Quirk. For those unfamiliar with the scene, part of this process involves Izuku imagining an egg in a microwave. It's a pretty specific scene to pick out from the anime, and the egg in the microwave from Bandai Namco's teaser almost certainly points towards that episode.

If that connection wasn't enough, you can glance up at the URL for the site once again to see another reference. The first few letters in the address read "mhaoj," and while it's not clear what the last two letters mean, the first three are the initials for My Hero Academia. The last of the letters could indicate the rest of the game's name, but that's something that we'll have to wait on Bandai Namco to learn more about.

There's also the question of what type of game this new title will be. Bandai Namco released a My Hero Academia game for the Nintendo 3DS in 2016, a single-player fighting game that featured many of the anime's main characters. This next game could be a fighter as well, though Bandai Namco could take it in a completely different direction since they've already gone down that road before. The within the teaser site indicates that we have nine days till more news is revealed, so expect to hear more soon.