N++ Ultimate Edition On Its Way To Xbox One

Are you a fan of skillful platformers where you’re racing against the clock and taking on all [...]


Are you a fan of skillful platformers where you're racing against the clock and taking on all sorts of deadly obstacles as possible? Well, my friends, MetaNet Software's N++ is the game for you.

The follow-up to the Xbox 360 hit N+ arrived a while back for the PlayStation 4 and PC, providing players with hundreds of challenging levels to overcome as they raced for the exit as fast as possible, while avoiding everything from homing missiles to electric traps to land mines.

We'll be getting a follow-up for N++ soon, in the form of a special Ultimate Edition that will add over 2,000 levels into the mix, doubling its original count. But this time around, Xbox One owners will be able to join in the fun.

MetaNet confirmed over the weekend that the sequel is on its way to the Xbox One, complete with all the features that are coming with the Ultimate Edition on other systems, including those abundant new levels, new color schemes to mix up how you play the game, an all-new Hardcore mode that really puts you to the test when it comes to level completion, and a whole lot more.

The game will be coming out sometime this summer, but a specific date hasn't been given yet, as MetaNet is still hard at work on finishing up development. More than likely, though, we'll probably see it sometime in August.

The original N+ gained quite a following on the Xbox 360, and has since been released for Xbox One via backward compatibility, so it only makes sense that the franchise make a return to Xbox territory. Now the only question is if that version will arrive at the same time as the PS4 and PC editions, or a little bit later. Hopefully, MetaNet will fill us in on when to expect the game soon enough.

For the time being, you'd best get to work on your platforming skills so you don't end up sloppily killing your ninja over and over again. No one likes a lazy platforming fan.

N++ is available on PlayStation 4 and PC.