NBA 2K23 Reveals WNBA Cover Art

2K Games has today revealed the WNBA cover for NBA 2K23. Just last year, 2K decided to release a new version of the game that featured athletes from the women's professional basketball league. Once again with NBA 2K23, 2K has decided to release another cover in this style, although this time around, it's doubling up on the players that don the box art. 

The WNBA cover for NBA 2K23 features both Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird, both of whom are considered two players in the history of the women's basketball league. Bird is the all-time assists leader in WNBA history while Taurasi is the league's all-time leading scorer. As such, to place them both on the cover for NBA 2K23 is a bit of a no-brainer. 

"The response to NBA 2K's first WNBA Edition last year was overwhelmingly positive and a testament to the W's growing audience and prominence," said 2K's VP of global marketing Alfie Brody in an accompanying statement today. "Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi have achieved greatness both individually and together, cementing their status as two of the best players in the WNBA's history."  

Unlike the other versions of NBA 2K23, the big difference with this WNBA variant is that it's only available at GameStop. This is something that we saw with NBA 2K22 as well, so the release strategy hasn't changed this year. Still, if you're specifically hunting down this edition of the game, you'll have to pick it up via the longtime gaming retailer. 

Speaking of other versions of the game, 2K has also announced this week that Michael Jordan will be returning to the cover of NBA 2K23. Jordan will grace the two special editions of NBA 2K23 this year, both of which will cost more than the baseline version. In addition to coming back to the cover, the Jordan Challenge game mode that was seen in NBA 2K11 will also be returning this year. 


As a whole, NBA 2K23 is set to launch later this year on September 9th and will be coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms.