NBA 2K24 Confirms the Return of Rep to The City

NBA 2K24 is bringing Rep back to The City, but only on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Over the last few years, 2K has recognized how successful seasons were in MyTeam and brought them over to MyCareer, letting them take the place of the previous progression system. However, it was announced today that Rep is making its long-awaited comeback in NBA 2K24, giving MyCareer players a way to easily gauge their progress against other players out in The City. Of course, it is important to note this feature is only coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, leaving last-gen consoles and PCs hanging in the wind. That said, it's an important step back to when the NBA 2K24 mode was at its best.

The news was announced by Ronnie 2K on Twitter, who most know as the "Face of NBA 2K." What's interesting about this is that 2K recently shared an infographic about when to expect news on NBA 2K24's modes, which said that we wouldn't be hearing about The City until the week of August 28. Of course, knowing Rep is back is just a small tease of everything that will likely be included, but it is surprising to hear about it this early when the team won't be announcing more for about two weeks.

Either way, this is welcome news for MyCareer players on current-gen consoles. The season style of progression has been good in some respects but lacked a good way to show off your skill because it was more tied to the quantity of playing over quality. Rep will bring that back to the forefront, while still involving seasons. Importantly, the official 2K account clarified Ronnie's original tweet to say that Rep will not reset when a new season starts, meaning you'll be able to progress through both without worrying about one affecting the other.

Fortunately, we'll learn much more about the game over the next few weeks. As mentioned, the 2K team is sharing info about MyNBA and Mamba Moments next week and then MyCareer and MyTeam the following week. Then, NBA 2K24 will be out on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms on September 8.