Netflix's Resident Evil Earns Franchise's Best Rotten Tomatoes Score in Years

There's a new Resident Evil TV show out on Netflix as of this week, and in case you hadn't seen, it's got the highest Rotten Tomatoes score the Resident Evil franchise has gotten in years. Naysayers will say that's not a high bar, however, but when looking at the scores for the franchise overall, those people wouldn't exactly be wrong either. Netflix's Resident Evil keeps fluctuating between 58% and 60% which puts it just around the threshold needed to be "Fresh" on the review aggregate platform..

That's according to the current rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and it could very well change over the course of the day. When this article got underway, it was at 60%, but before publication, it'd dropped back down to 58%. Those numbers are only the average rating from critics, too, with the user score of roughly 30% far less forgiving of the show's shortcomings.

Riding the line of being Fresh or Rotten might not be the spot any new show or movie wants to be in on the Rotten Tomatoes rankings, but when you look at past Resident Evil projects, it's not a bad spot to be. Prior to this Resident Evil show came the live-action movie Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City which settled in at a 30% from critics. Just before that was the TV show Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness which came in a bit higher at 50%. The only scores that have been higher than the new Resident Evil show on Netlix were there 100% rating the 2012 movie Resident Evil: Damnation got and the 67% rating earned by the 2008 movie Resident Evil: Degeneration.

Given that the most recent score beating Resident Evil's came out in 2012, it's accurate to say that the is the best score a Resident Evil project for film or TV has gotten in a decade. It's also worth pointing out that the show literally just came out on Thursday, and while reviews for the show (like ours seen here) came out earlier, it's likely that we'll see this number fluctuate more as additional reviews come in.

Resident Evil's first season is now available to watch in full on Netflix. While you check that out, you can read through our conversation with Lance Reddick who portrays Albert Wesker in the Netflix series.