Netflix’s First U.S. Castlevania Promotional Art Revealed

Hot on the heels of the Japanese promotional art that was revealed yesterday, the first U.S. [...]


Hot on the heels of the Japanese promotional art that was revealed yesterday, the first U.S. promotional art for Netflix's animated Castlevania series has been revealed – and fans of the older video games are bound to love it.

Adi Shankar, producer on the forthcoming series, posted the art on his Facebook page today, which features a very familiar heroic character standing in the front, holding a whip in his hand, while Dracula and his mighty castle loom in the distance.

"While I will be eternally grateful for my live action career, animation has always held an extra special place in my heart," Shankar noted in the post. "As a child, cartoons (and video games) were the pre-eminent art form that unlocked my imagination. They showed me that nothing is impossible and that if I can dream it, then I can build it. Here's the official poster for Castlevania."


As we noted in our previous news story, the cover art bears a very close resemblance to the original Castlevania art from the debut NES game, featuring a hero on the very front of the cover while Dracula and his castle loom in the distance. Obviously, the Netflix series is going for the same vibe in terms of familiar characters and exciting action – but, obviously, its anime style and mature-rated approach enabled Shankar, writer Warren Ellis and the team at Frederator Studios to go with something much more visceral than the original games could provide.

We'll be seeing more promotional stuff for Castlevania over the next few weeks, especially with E3 on the way (Konami is likely to do some sort of promoting for the series, since Castlevania is one of its properties) and more seasons to follow after the debut of this first one. The series is getting a lot of traction with its fan base, which means its popularity will definitely carry for some time to come.

Who knows? This might even generate enough interest for Konami to bring back some classic Castlevania games for us to enjoy again. Fingers crossed!

The Castlevania animated series will debut on Netflix starting on July 7th.