New Batman Game Releases First Trailer Teaser

The final teaser for WB Montreal’s new Batman game was revealed this week to show us our first [...]

The final teaser for WB Montreal's new Batman game was revealed this week to show us our first glimpse at what'll hopefully be a full trailer scheduled to release on Saturday. The plentiful teasers from the week built up to one more code to be entered in the "r3dakt3d" site which awarded sleuths with a video totaling just over 15 seconds after the code "955" was inputted. This video shows what appears to be a pieced-together look at the teasers we've been getting throughout the week with a promise of more to come on Saturday.

WB Montreal's video below is the best look yet we've gotten at the game, but like the other teasers before it, we can only tell so much from it. Most of the pieces from this week's teasers fit together in this images that appears to show a file pulled from the Gotham City Police Department's database. Behind the file is some machinery, but the intent behind the intentional background is hard to interpret based on what we know so far.

To get that code, a separate teaser was shared on Twitter for people to decipher first. By following the instructions laid out by the images, you get the code which was datamined from the site previously

While the reward from the teaser is supposed to be the code and then the video afterwards, the Twitter teaser itself is important. It shows a dial with an owl in the middle, and if you've been following along with the Batman teasers leading up to this reveal and the theories about the game, you'll know this points strongly towards a Court of Owls connection. The Court of Owls has long been thought to be a core part of the new Batman game, though we only have teasers to go off of for now.

That'll change on Saturday when DC FanDome begins though. WB Montreal is scheduled to hold a panel during the event, but it looks like we'll see more on this game before that. The teasers have been released at 8 a.m. PT each day with the panel scheduled to take place a few hours after that, and the teaser released today said there were 24 hours to go which means we'll hopefully have more on the game available prior to the DC FanDome showcase.