New Footage Revealed From Steven Spielberg's Cancelled LMNO Game

Noclip's impressive documentary on Arkane Studios has unearthed a wealth of never-before-seen [...]

Noclip's impressive documentary on Arkane Studios has unearthed a wealth of never-before-seen footage from cancelled games. One of those cancelled titles is LMNO, a game that was developed as part of a collaboration between Electronic Arts and Steven Spielberg! The game would have seen players travelling across the country alongside an alien named Eve. The game would have featured first-person combat, but no gunplay, as Spielberg did not want that element in the game. Instead, Arkane Studios looked to the Jason Bourne movies for inspiration for the game's combat system. It's definitely interesting to see what might have been!

In LMNO, the game's storyline would have changed based on the player's relationship with the alien. Eve would not have been able to speak in the game, but could express herself through an aura that would appear above her head. Eve would also be able to grant the player certain abilities. The game would have also featured some parkour, which would have been particularly notable in the days before Assassin's Creed. LMNO would not have been an open world game, and was built in Unreal Engine 3.

It should be noted that LMNO was simply the project's codename, and would not have represented the final name for the game. In the documentary, Noclip establishes that Boom Blox, the sole game to come out of EA's collaboration with Spielberg, was originally codenamed PQRS.

From everything shown, LMNO certainly sounds like the kind of concept that feels authentic to Steven Spielberg. The idea certainly feels reminiscent of some of Spielberg's films, such as E.T., or Transformers. While the puzzle game Boom Blox received strong reveiws when it released on Wii, it also seemed like an odd concept from the famed director. LMNO, however, might have been the perfect game for fans of Spielberg's films.

In addition to LMNO, Noclip's documentary also unveiled footage from Half-Life: Ravenholm, a spin-off of the popular series that never came to fruition. While neither of these games ended up seeing release, they certainly had a profound impact on Arkane Studios. Viewers can get a better idea of the impact these games had on the developer by checking out Noclip's documentary.

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