Nintendo Customer Service Replaced an Original Game Boy For a 95-Year-Old

There's something to be said for good customer service. Nintendo's customer service department has [...]

There's something to be said for good customer service. Nintendo's customer service department has been long held in high regard, and it would seem that their reputation just might be well-earned. The Asahi Shimbun, a Japanese newspaper, recently covered a story about how Nintendo replaced a broken Game Boy for a 95-year-old grandmother living in Chiba. The story was recounted for the article by the woman's 70-year-old daughter, Kuniko Tsusaka. While Tsusaka and her son attempted to replace the broken Game Boy, it had long been off the market, and neither could find a store that would be able to repair it.

Tsusaka's son had heard of Nintendo's strong customer service, describing it to his grandmother as "kami taiou (神対応)." This translates literally as "god support" or "divine support." However, "kami" can also translate as "paper," leading the grandmother to misunderstand his meaning. So, she wrote a letter to Nintendo, which she sent alongside the broken Game Boy unit. An avid Tetris fan, this was the third Game Boy she had owned over the years, and it had stopped working just as her health had started to decline.

One week later, Nintendo replied to the letter with a brand-new Game Boy unit. In their enclosed letter, the company explained that they no longer had the parts to repair her older unit, but they were able to locate a new Game Boy in their warehouse. Nintendo ended the letter by wishing the woman a long life. According to Tsusaka, her mother lived to the age of 99, and remained in control of her mental facilities until the end. "Up in the sky, she's thankful, I think," Tsusaka wrote.

It really is quite nice to hear stories such as this one. Since the Game Boy had been off-the-shelves for some time, it wasn't a major sacrifice for Nintendo to send the new Game Boy to the grandmother. Yet that simple act of kindness, and customer service, is something her family will always remember. The story has circulated online, with many gamers offering their own stories about Nintendo's customer service. For those fans, the company's kindness will be equally remembered.

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