New Nintendo Direct Announced With Focus on Both Old and New Games

Nintendo has announced that the first full Nintendo Direct in many, many months will happen [...]

Nintendo has announced that the first full Nintendo Direct in many, many months will happen tomorrow, February 17th, at 5 PM ET/2 PM PT. The livestream is expected to last for about 50 minutes total and will focus on both old and new video games. The announcement specifically notes that the new Nintendo Direct will include information about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as well as video games coming to the Nintendo Switch in the first half of 2021.

It's hard to say what all the new Nintendo Direct might cover, though it seems likely to include a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter reveal. Upcoming Nintendo Switch video games include the likes of Bravely Default II and New Pokemon Snap, so it's likely to include information about both of those as well. This marks the first time that Nintendo has shared a full-fledged Nintendo Direct since September 2019, and given how packed even the mini ones have been in the past, there's no telling what Nintendo might have up its sleeve.

As noted above, the new Nintendo Direct is set to take place tomorrow, February 17, at 5 PM ET/2 PM PT. The Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, the two official models of the console, are currently available wherever such things are sold, assuming you can find either of them in stock. Whether a new upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch releases this year remains to be seen, but it's something that's been constantly reported on. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Nintendo right here.

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