Nintendo Switch Stock is Picking Back Up


The Nintendo Switch shortage continues thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, but stock levels have definitely picked up in recent weeks. If you've had trouble getting one, it looks as though your luck is about to change. That having been said, we're keeping tabs on the latest news with regard to Nintendo Switch, and you can find all of the information about where to find it in stock right here. UPDATE: August 4th - The Switch is available here at Best Buy (Neon) and here at Best Buy (Grey) and here at Walmart (Neon)for the standard $299.99 price if you hurry.

Nintendo Switch Lite ($199.99): First off, getting your hands on a Nintendo Switch Lite hasn't been nearly as difficult as the standard Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch Lite doesn't actually do any switching, there are no Joy-Cons (though it can connect to extra controllers), and the screen is smaller at 5.5-inches. However, the Lite does offer the same fundamental handheld experience as the standard Switch at a price point that's $100 cheaper. It's also more portable, has more color options (Yellow, Turquoise, Gray, and Coral), and an actual D-pad. The current Nintendo Switch Lite stock situation is as follows:


Nintendo Switch ($299.99): As for the standard Nintendo Switch, it has been solidly sold out everywhere for weeks now. However, the big restock that Nintendo has been promising could happen at any time. Keep tabs on this tracker for the latest updates.


Bundle Deals (Prices Vary): Some retailers are bundling the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles with games and accessories. If you're willing to spend more to get a Switch, these might be your best option as they are more likely to be in stock. You can check out some of those options below.

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