Nintendo Reveals First Look at Super Mario Bros. Movie

Nintendo revealed this week our best look yet at the new Super Mario Bros. movie just ahead of the release of the first trailer for the film. This preview before the reveal consisted of some artwork showing off a look at the sprawling Mushroom Kingdom and plenty of its inhabitants including different Toad characters and, of course, Mario himself. Nintendo also revealed that a special Nintendo Direct will take place on October 6th to coincide with the trailer reveal previously announced for New York Comic-Con.

The artwork in question can be seen below courtesy of Nintendo's tweet about the Mario movie. We see Mario front and center looking out towards Princess Peach's castle which sits atop a mountain overlooking a town of Toads and other Mushroom Kingdom critters. Pipes, floating land masses and constructs, and other telltale Mario features litter the rest of the very busy preview of the Mario movie.

While it's only a slight change, it's worth pointing out that the time listed by Nintendo here for the Nintendo Direct is five minutes later than the time of 1 p.m. PT that the New York Comic-Con accounts announced recently. Nintendo says to hop in at 1:05 p.m., but it'd probably be better to tune in five minutes earlier anyway just to make sure you don't miss anything.

With the Mario movie trailer set for October 6th, this should be the first time that we get to hear Chris Pratt's take on Mario's voice. It was already confirmed that Pratt wouldn't be doing an Italian accent for Mario, so in light of that as well as the casting news itself, people have been intrigued to see what Pratt would sound like when voicing Mario.

Whatever is shown off during the Direct as it relates to the movie, we know that we won't be getting any game news during this event. Nintendo made sure to reiterate that more than once in its announcement which makes sense given that these Nintendo Direct events are almost always relegated to games and games alone.

Nintendo's reveal of the Super Mario Bros. movie trailer will take place on October 6th.