Are Nintendo Games Coming to PC After Smartphones? Nintendo Responds

Yesterday Nintendo held its 77th annual (wow) General Meeting of Shareholders, and every time this [...]

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Yesterday Nintendo held its 77th annual (wow) General Meeting of Shareholders, and every time this happens, we patiently wait for the whole exchange to get translated with hopes that investors will ask really juicy questions that bait really juicy answers. There weren't too many exciting revelations this time around, but Nintendo was directly confronted about whether it might make games for PC in the future. After all, Nintendo has branched out to start making games on smartphones, right?

This section of the Q&A was translated by Alex Aniel (via WCCF Tech), and sees three different Nintendo executives, including the president and Miyamoto, address the PC. First, the question:

"Game industry has 3 segments: mobile/consoles/PC. PC expanding greatly, programmers being birthed overseas. Does Nintendo plan to make PC software/hardware?"

President Kimishima: "We're aware there are many PC users. Our unified soft/hardware approach is good. However, we also support smartphones. Thanks to smartphones, Nintendo IPs are recognized, leading to returns on console front. Please see videos of our E3 announcements."

Shinya Takahashi: "We were at E3 two weeks ago with Mario Odyssey. This year public had access for the first time; 50K industry; 15K public. People lined up at Nintendo booth since early morning. Hard to see floor. Last day usually less busy but not this year. People on final day waited for Miyamoto. He also made a surprise appearance at the Ubisoft conference."

Miyamoto: "I participated in Rabbids PR/special presentation. Tons of attention towards Nintendo; seems PC didn't have as much this year."

And look at Miyamoto throwing some shade at the PC! This is a rough translation, of course, but we're pretty sure we heard some attitude in there. A little bit of, "Ha, that's cute. We don't need the PC. We're getting more than enough attention over here."

As for president Kimishima, he didn't state outright that Nintendo wouldn't be making games for PC, but he might as well have. Nintendo's unified approach is between the 3DS and Nintendo Switch, and the smartphone games are here to help bring more awareness to Nintendo's properties first and foremost. We don't expect Nintendo to deviate from that approach any time soon.