Elderly Couple Has Played 'Mario Kart 64' Everyday Since 2001

Living with someone you love isn't always as easy as you'd expect. For most couples, there's [...]

mario kart 64 couple
(Photo: Reddit)

Living with someone you love isn't always as easy as you'd expect. For most couples, there's arguing. If you're lucky, it's minimal and rare. But it happens to virtually every couple that lives together long enough.

However, rather than argue about who does what around the house, one elderly couple has figured out an easier and more productive way to settle things: with some Mario Kart 64.

Recently, a Reddit user by the name of "bork1138" took to the website to share a picture of their parents playing some Mario Kart 64 on an ol' Nintendo 64. According to the son of the couple, the pair have played the game every day, religiously, since 2001. Why? To see who will make a cup of tea.

Every day my parents play Mario Kart 64 to see who will make a cuppa tea. They’ve done this religiously since 2001. from r/gaming

As you can see, the older couple don't race each other, but rather play some classic Balloon Battle, which has been in every Mario Kart to date. In it, all racers get three balloons, and when a racer gets hurt, they lose a balloon. The last person standing with at least one balloon left, wins. I imagine that over the years, Balloon Battle has been used to settle many disputes. I know personally I used to play with my brothers to see who got to play the Nintendo 64 that night.

Anyway, as the post went viral, some began to question the legitimacy of the claims, saying that the shot, or at least, the premise was set-up. And to this, the Reddit user shared another picture taken four years ago of his parents in similar positions playing the same mode in the same game.


According to the son, both parents know all the tricks in the game to the point that a few years ago they both had to agree to not use any shortcuts or cheats to make things fair and stop the bickering. See, even when you come up with an innovative way to not have any contention, there's arguing, but at least it's over Mario Kart 64, and not who has to do the dishes.