Nintendo Mobile Game Coming to an End

After more than two years on mobile devices, Nintendo has revealed that Dr. Mario World will be [...]

After more than two years on mobile devices, Nintendo has revealed that Dr. Mario World will be coming to an end. The announcement was made via the game's official Twitter account, and it seems Dr. Mario World will no longer be playable effective November 1st at 6 a.m. UTC. Players will still be able to enjoy the game in the meantime, though Diamonds will no longer be available for purchase starting on July 28th. Once the game is no longer available, Nintendo will offer a Dr. Mario World Memories webpage, where players will be able to access their play history.

The announcement can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

Unfortunately, the game's end isn't too surprising. While Dr. Mario World seemed like a strong fit for the mobile format, the game seemed to struggle to find the level of success of games like Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, or Mario Kart Tour. It's difficult to say why that might be, but it seems that more than a few players are sad to see it go, judging by some of the replies to the above Tweet.

If there's one thing that Dr. Mario World will long be remembered for, it's the mobile game's cast of characters. Unlike previous Dr. Mario games, this one brought in a very large group from the Mushroom Kingdom, adding "doctor" variations for characters that definitely shouldn't have a medical license; Dr. Baby Wario, Dr. Goomba Tower, and Dr. Petey Piranha are just some of the excellent variations fans got to see thanks to the game.

Thankfully, players will still have a few months to spend with Dr. Mario World before Nintendo pulls the plug. Mobile games were never meant to last forever, but hopefully Nintendo will ease the pain with a game on Nintendo Switch in the near future!

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